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About Us

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Our family of Oud luxury products is a precious, treasonable and exquisite range created from highly valuable perfume extracted from nature and enriched with pure majestic Oud oil.


Oudlux products are a result of years of meticulous research, working with the best French perfumers to blend Oud perfume and bring warmth and sensuality to people's homes, all the while leaving your skin feeling soft and cleansed.  


These exclusive blends are highly valued by their smoky aroma to include mixes of Sandalwood, Musk, Wood and exotic Roses.

Our range consists of Body Bath SoapsHand & Body WashSprays and Creams come infused with 6 distinct and exotic fragrances:

  • Royal (white): Saffron with Sandalwood

  • Hareemi (purple): Floral with Cedarwood

  • Oriental (gold):Cinnamon with Cedarwood

  • Sultani (bronze): Agarwood and Musk

  • Rose Oud (red): Rose with Agarwood

  • Musk Oud (blue): Fruity with Musk and Cedarwood

Our Oud range is produced from natural organic and biodegradable ingredients and is free from any animal products. We chose to bring this brand in for the high quality of their products and the ethics of the company. We are committed to giving you a premium customer service experience and delivering high-quality products in excellent condition!

All of our products are manufactured in Dubai, UAE.

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