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According to the beliefs of Fiqh-E-Jaferia

An enjoyable and entertaining way to learn our Islam. This game caters to children and adults alike and aims at making the players more acquainted with the Islamic history, laws and so on. This game is meticulously formed on the basis of the play and learn technique. Questions are formed from authentic Islamic literature and are provided references for as and when required. These questions are then worked into a game format to make the learning process engaging through answers. The answers come with a short and precise explanation about the topic. This game can be played with family or friends, indoors or outdoors, as liked by the players.



Why This Game?

The idea behind this game is to provide a fun learning experience. 


Gain Islamic Knowledge:

"Seek knowledge from cradle (birth) to grave (death)" How critically important it is for a Muslim to strive for acquiring knowledge.


Time Productivty:

This Game will help to utilize time in a productive and effective way, which otherwise can get wasted on unfruitful activities.


Improve Social Skills:

Educational Board Games have proven effective in increasing interactions between participants thereby improving social skills.



Improving Intellect:

This games will help develop logic and reasoning as well as boost their critical thinking


Gadget Free Activities:

It is a safe and productive leisure time game that has NO GADGETS involve. Children and adult would have a much needed reprieve from the straining screens and virtual entertainments. 


Divine Challenge Islamic Educational Game

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