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According to the beliefs of Fiqh-E-Jaferia

Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib says:

Put faith in Allah. Seek His protection. Direct your prayers, requests, solicitations and suplications to Him and Him alone. to give as well as to withold lies in His power. 

Ask as much of His favors as you can. 

Know that Allah owns the treasures of the heavens and the earth. Not only has He given permission to ask for His mercy and favors, but also has promised to listen to your prayers. He has not appointed guards to prevent your prayers reaching Him. Invoke His help in difficulties and distress. Implore Him to grant you long life and sound health. Pray to Him for prosperity.  

Think over it that by simply granting you the privilege of praying for His favors and mercy, He has handed over the keys of His treasures to you. 

Whenever you are in need, pray, and He gives His favors and blessings.

Sometimes, you find requests are not immediately granted. Do not be dissapointed. Fulfilment of desires rests with the true purpose or intention of the prayer. More often fulfilment is delayed because the merciful Lord wants to bestow upon you suitable rewards. In the meantime bear patiently hardships, believing sincereily in His help. You will get better favors, because, unknowingly, you may ask for things which are really harmful to you. Many of your requests, if granted, may bring eternal damnation. So, at times, withholding fulfilment is a blessing in disguise.  

Qunoot (Dua'as from The Holy Quran

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  • Duas from The Holy Quran.



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