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 Three years before the writing of this work, the Imam (S) [salamullahi 'alayh,  may Allah's peace be upon him] had written a book under the title: The Secret of the Salat, which contained the same concepts, but it was concise and in the terms of the elect Gnostics. Nevertheless, the late Imam, believing that more people should benefit from the subjects of the book, set upon writing this book in a simpler language. He says: "Before this, I prepared a paper in which I wrote on the secrets of the Salat as much as was feasible. But as it was not suitable for the common people, I decided to write parts of the cordial disciplines of this spiritual ascension, so that my brothers in faith may have a remembrance, and my hard heart may be affected by it." Formerly, the folds [matawi ] of the book Adabus'-Salat , with explanations and revisions, had been published under t he title: Flying in the Heavenly Kingdom. Then the book itself was published. The former editions, however, were not agreeable, for some reasons. One of the reasons might probably have been the lack of a manuscript. Therefore, The Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini's Works set forth to publish this work, with complete precision, faithfulness, and reference to the available copies, and collating them with the original MS (manuscript) copy which is within the reach of this institute. The book includes two prefaces, which the Imam wrote in 1363 S.H., dedicating this work to his respected son, Hujjatul Islam wal Muslim In , Hajj Sayyid Ahmad Khomeini, and to Mrs. Fatimah Tabataba'i (wife of Hajj Sayyid Ahmad Khomeini).

Adabus Salat - The Disciplines of the Prayers H/C

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  • The Disciplines of the Salat (The Islamic Prayer), which was finished on Monday, the 2nd of Rabi'uth-thani, 1361 L.H. [Lunar Hijri Year] (30th of Farwardin, 1321 S.H. [Solar Hijri year]), is a detailed explanation of the Salat's strict disciplines and moral secrets.

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    • Publisher: International Affairs Department and Ansariyan Publications (1996)
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