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According to the beliefs of Fiqh-E-Jaferia....

Labbayk Ya Hussain (as)! Are you ready for it? Discover the tragedy of Karbala with Ahmed and Mahdi

The Milky Way # 5

SKU: KB 78705

  • Paperback: 31 pages

    Publisher: Buraq Publication

    Co-Publisher: Association of Islamic


    Panel of Writers: Simaye Noor Kausar

    Panel of Translators: Andaleeb Abbas,

    Aqib Jaffry, Iffat Shah, Mariam Rashid,

    Murtaza Bachoo, Nazmina Virjee, Sahar Nieves, Shasta Yusufali

    Editor: Aqib Jaffry

    ISBN: 978-964-192-239-1

    2nd Printing: 2022

    Distributed by:

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