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My mom learned Iranian cooking and was already an expert in the Indian dishes. I grew up loving both cuisines as she was very fond of cooking and would whip up delicious recipes effortlessly. She was my teacher and my mentor not just in cooking but in life. She was a lady of many talents and could do almost anything. She loved growing vegetables and was a huge proponent of fresh food. I have followed her footsteps and emphasized the importance of fresh food for my children and grandchildren. My grandchildren are my pride and joy and there is no better feeling then to see them smile.



Appetizers and Soups:

  • Aabghost soup ( Persian)

  • Aash (Persian)

  • Achari chicken

  • Chicken wings

  • Fish pakoras

  • Mirza Ghasmi

  • Mixed pakoras

  • Paneer kathi roll

  • Sabzi khordan

  • Sautéed mushrooms 

  • Salad Olivia

  • Sweet corn soup (Chinese) 


Persian entrees:

  • Black pepper chicken

  • Eggplant  with tomatoes

  • Ghormeh Sabzi

  • Koftas  Brenji

  • Lamb with Chana Daal /Khoresh Gheymeh

  • Lamb kababs

  • Lubia  pulao with lamb ( rice with green beans with lamb)

  • Rollet (meat loaf with sauce)

  • Sabzi kuku

  • Fried fish (with sabzi pulao)

  • Sabzi  pulao with lamb

  • Saffron chicken

  • Saffron rice with Tahdigh

  • Spaghetti with ground turkey or lamb

  • Schnitzel murgh (Chicken)

  • Tomato curry with vegetables

  • Turkey cutlets

  • Zereshk pulao (barberry rice)

  • Tilapia Fish Persian Style


Indian Entrees: 

  • Bhindi masala (Okra) 

  • Chicken curry

  • Chicken with yogurt 

  • Green beans with potatoes

  • Lamb masala

  • Masala chicken

  • Methi chicken

  • Dahi pakora curry 

  • Rice with chickpeas

  • Turkey  or lamb meatballs


Chinese entrees:

  • Black bean sauce chicken 

  • Chicken fried rice 

  • Vegetarian noodles

  • Garlic chickena

  • Orange and pineapple chicken



  • Kulfi 

  • Persian Halva

  • Punjabi Pinni 

  • Sewia kheer

  • Sewia polo

  • Shirin  polo (sweet rice) 



  • Aab Talbi  (Cantaloupe with rose water) 

  • Cold coffee ( Indian style) 

  • Indian masala tea 

  • Mango shake 

  • Persian Tea


Grandma's Flavors

SKU: KB 78644
  • Dally Sethi is a loving mother and grandmother residing in Maryland. Her joy of cooking is palpable and she has enjoyed writing this book. It's been a journey that she will always cherish. She wishes everone joy and happiness of cooking and sharing meals with their families.


    • Size: 8.5 X 11'
    • Pages: 64
    • All Color
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    • Printed in USA
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